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  3. [Update] Dispatch reports Seolhyun and Zico are dating ~ Netizen Buzz
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It was fascinating, but it was also scary. The fact that the news was revealed at no will of my own was surprising.

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Because I did nothing wrong. People meet, and part ways…Anyone goes through relationships and breakups.

I just think I experienced something as ordinary. The idol was also grateful for the existence of her members and the people around her, as they were extremely supportive. It was encouraging just for them to spend time with me. Of course, she kisses your lips a lot too, and your forehead, your nose, your cheeks. She loves to show her affection with kisses. But your neck is a more sensitive spot, a place that sends a shiver down your spine and makes you blush. Originally posted by seolhyunguardians.

Block B′s Zico and AOA′s Seolhyun Reportedly Dating

She plays piano to impress you, sometimes composing songs, sometimes playing your favourite songs. The melody, coupled with her sweet voice, make you fall even more in love. Originally posted by visualangel. But the paparazzi are too sneaky.

[Update] Dispatch reports Seolhyun and Zico are dating ~ Netizen Buzz

As she accepts an award for her amazing performance, she can hear you cheering the loudest in the crowd and that makes her melt. Originally posted by idolsgeneration. To conclude, yes, Seolhyun is very beautiful and talented and an idol. And she deserves love. The crazy thing about shipping and idols dating and such is you literally never know.

Sometimes its the most unexpected couples ever and that blows my mind. I remember when we first debuted and you were our number one fan, I remember when we had our first concert and you were first in line. I remember when you gave a little girl your light stick because hers broke. I remember when I saw you at a cafe and asked you out , you were so excited.

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I remember when we ran from dispatch and hid behind a trash can. I remember when dispatch released the news of me and seolhyun dating and I could tell you were sad. I remember the nights we spent together at the studio and how much you supported me.

AOA Members Profile

I remember the nights you spent up waiting for me to come out of work. I remember when you first took me to meet your parents and I had no idea what they were talking about , after you tried to teach me English and I failed completely. I remember when you were almost Attacked by fans when they found out about us , I was really mad but you told me not to worry.

I remember when I got sick and you spent the day taking care of me. I remember when I told you I was going on tour and you were so sad. When I left you face timed me and called me every minute , and when i came back you ran and gave me a hug and cried a little. When The doctor said you were pregnant I almost cried in joy.

Interview with Seolhyun (Entertainment Weekly / 2016.03.04)

Remember when your water broke and we ran to the hospital. I remember how you crushed my knuckles while giving birth. Another year has passed, and unlike , this year was more action packed from day one, from serious sexual assault claims to political issues, and the usual dating scandals. Shift between second and third generation was also significant, since many older groups disbanded and rookies started to cement their status. But I scroll down to the comment section and it was disgusting.

Zico and Seolhyun are apparently dating??? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

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